We’re back in the Boogaloo Radio studio live in interview with Opus Kink.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Galen Bullivant

A name never far from the lips of new music afficionados are funk-punk-whatever 6-piece Opus Kink. As a live band they fuse high-octane and truly danceable choruses with a soul-searching country soul, but what’s behind the eyes of Opus Kink as individuals. We got to know Angus (vocals) and Sam from the band that little bit better over a couple of cold Guinness’s on a cold December night in Highgate, North London.

We played some of our favourite new releases, new singles from Black Bordello, Fake Turins, KEG, Kyoto Kyoto, Terra Pines, Crimewave, Honeyglaze and more.