Platypus Complex leave no punches pulled on sizzling desert-psych debut ‘Snake Charmer’.

Desert-rock riffs spiralise your fingers, cascading drums rivet your mind while violins wail into your unsuspecting ears.

Words: Elvis Thirlwell | Photo: Kamal Rasool

A doughty bunch of wayfarers numbering five call themselves Platypus Complex; they’ve wandered in from the mists for our salvation, cranking guitars and thrashing snares with psychedelia inked on their hearts. Hailing from the humble lands of Hackney Wick, with Kikagaku Moyo’s Go Kurosawa their esteemed producer, debut single – the instrumental Snake Charmer – spell-casts and fire-breathes across it’s 221-second reveille of gambolling psych-rock. 

The first product of the group’s assiduous jam-sessions, and coming on like Los Bitchos dunked in psilocybin, Snake Charmer leaves no punches pulled: its desert-rock riffs spiralise your fingers, its cascading drums rivet your mind;  violins wail deathly dollops of hemlock into your unsuspecting ears to remind you –  as if you had not yet clued –  that it’s going to be an intense and bumpy ride from here on out. Listen long enough, hard enough, and wilfully enough, and the enchanting complex will bury itself into your febrile consciousness, propagating pleasure, never to relent. Out now on Strong Island Recordings.