Lilo embrace platonic love on new single ‘Beach (Real Love)’ and announce debut EP via Practise Music.

The London duo share a heartfelt, honest and pensive song which reflects the raw essence of friendship and intimacy.  

Words: Ilgaz Hisirci | Photo: Matilda Hill-Jenkins

Love, it’s a four-letter word that often finds itself the muse to a melody. Most love songs display an affection between two romantic figures, but lilo remind us that love, in its truest and authentic form, manifests in friendships. Beach (Real Love) is a love song for your friends. Despite only lately arriving onto the London scene, lilo’s deep friendship has its roots a decade ago where Christie Gardner and Helen Dixon met at school in Winchester aged 11. Together, their delicate crooning of harmonies softly seduces listeners with indie folk sweetness and warmth.

Following previous singles Scarecrow and Change, lilo announce their debut EP Sleep Country, out January 28th via Practise Music. Recording took form in 2020 with close friend, collaborator and producer Joseph Futak. Speaking of their debut EP, the duo offer that over five tracks they “explore new perspectives on love and friendship often through the frame of loss. Despite this, the tone remains distinctly hopeful and chooses to treasure the small things in the face of larger sadness.” Lilo’s music is heartfelt, honest, and pensive, reflecting a raw essence of intimacy.