Fake Turins deliver an exploratory hedonistic-disco cut in ‘Afterwards’.

It’s their most arresting recording yet: a disco-funk pandemonia to clinically manage our spangled attentions and fractured minds.

Words: Elvis Thirlwell | Photo: Mars Washington

This Hard Of Hearing post comes with the following announcement:

Afterwards by Fake Turins is issued in collaboration with Limited Windows Ltd – a joint production with Limited industries and the Window group – who are set on providing you with MORE hours in the day to do the MORE of the things YOU love. Call 07471 187 568 NOW to find out MORE.

“If there’s one thing we always say, if you don’t find the time, we’ll make the time!”
Limited Windows Ltd.

Now please sit back, and enjoy the review.

In concert, North London’s Fake Turins are formidable and dazzling. Come to a show and be greeted by an 11-piece legion of off-white pin-stripe suits measuring all manner of dance-alicious phenomena in one adroit and continuous flux. Of their live set, newest cut Afterwards is a certified highlight, serving up the party-bound cornucopia of LCD Soundsystem, be-glittering it with their own bellwethers of boot-stomping soul.

Succeeding the foregone summer’s Time Flowers Now mini-LP, Afterwards – produced by Syd Kemp (Spiritualised; Vanishing Twin) – is the group’s most arresting recording yet: a disco-funk pandemonia from the Ministry of Love. It’s 5+ minutes eddy and ebb like a day-glo river , puppeting tempos, down and up, to clinically manage our spangled attentions and fractured minds.

Throughout, frontman Dominic Rose croons prophetic lines on humdrum consumerist oversaturation and the blind pursuit of time and it’s money. Two-thirds in, he announces a “seven hour procession” and the whole band freaks into an iridescent, fire-worked sunburst – pushing heartbeats to planetary levels, cruising into the cosmic, rushing recklessly towards some beautifully impossible ideal. It’s without doubt worth your precious precious time.

Afterwards is available to stream now via Hideous Mink records.