DEADLETTER share the tongue-in-cheek ‘Pop Culture Connoisseur’ and sign to Nice Swan Records.

Guitars thrash then collide before falling into a dual, the track offers a barbed potency and a knack for a groove.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Joe Mulville

DEADLETTER are back, this time with new single Pop Culture Connoisseur, which doubles down on the band’s love of heavy guitars and knack for groove. Arriving via Nice Swan Records, the new release offers a pummelling chorus which feels like an instant classic, guitars thrash then collide before falling into a dual that echoes Gang Of Four or The Fall in its barbed potency. The Yorkshire band are masters in creating verses where the lyricism wraps itself around Lawrence’s simmering vocal delivery and sets the scene, on this occasion it’s the chorus that measures an 8.8 on the Richter scale – FYI, the largest earthquake ever recorded was a magnitude 9.5 in 1960 in Chile on a fault that was almost 1,000 miles long – on DEADLETTER offer a megaquake of their own.

Produced by Theo Verney (TRAAMS, Lazarus Kane, FEET), Pop Culture Connoisseur feels like more of a tongue-in-cheek narrative than previous releases. Vocalist Zac Lawrence shares a jagged tale of a donut-stealing police officer (PC Read) who is fired for stealing from a self-service checkout. In short Lawrence documents a study into those in positions of authority and power who abuse their responsibilities, and the “PR optics” used to cover up wrongdoing.

DEADLETTER play some UK dates before Christmas in the lead up to a big London show in March 2022 at The Lexington. Nov 26th: Bootleg Social, Blackpool, Nov 27th: The Great Eastern Festival, Edinburgh, Dec 11th: Birmingham, Sonic Wave Fest, Jan 9th: First Footing, Hug & Pint, Glasgow and March 1st: The Lexington, London.