Sydney’s The Lazy Eyes lead a new birth of psych-rock on ‘Fuzz Jam’ and announce debut album.

Aussie outfit The Lazy Eyes serve us freshly squeezed psychedelic juices in the form of catastrophic new video ‘Fuzz Jam’.

Words: Elvis Thirlwell | Photo: Jack Moran

There’s a healthy glut of skull-boggling psych bands emerging from the ever-fecund Antipodes. While veterans Pond and King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard have sustained their trusty flow of releases into 2021 with a clutch of intriguing LPs, this year has also served us freshly squeezed psychedelic juices  from the likes of Sunfruits, Nice Biscuit, and Majak Door –   bands all well worth investing in.

Arguably forefronting this latest wave are The Lazy Eyes. As their two prior EPs – EP1 and EP2 respectively –  have maintained, the Sydney four-piece break no sweat in concealing their infatuation for early Tame Impala or the frantic melodies of Gizzard; the band’s own Where’s My Brain??, for example, notably espoused many founding Gizzardological principles. This initial output, while undeniably charming, could at times feel a touch overwrought,  as if burdened by its own lofty ambition.

Their latest effort Fuzz Jam however, strikes at an elegant sweet spot; offsetting the intricate composition here comes a crotch-thrusting injection of good-time rock, one not so easily derived to its influences, and which betrays a band growing in maturity. Written off the back of the band’s acquisition of a Hohner Pianet T keyboard – Fuzz Jam is founded on a seductively soupy bass-line groove, one which segues in and out of incendiary riffage with gorgeous flourishes of ‘Innerspeakerist’ psych-pop sparkle. 

The first tease of their debut album Songbook, set for release next year, what Fuzz Jam’s unassuming title may lack in enigma, it more than makes up for in matter-of-factness. Fuzzy? No doubt? A jam, most definitely. It just fucking rocks, basically.

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