South Londoners Average Life Complaints return on ‘Precious Pressure’, an ode to injustice and division.

With barbed grooves and rumbling bass lines, the band look past the facade of modern living and put a marker down for social change.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Jojo Danielle

If August release Wealth Gap by Brixton outfit Average Life Complaints had you chomping at the bit for more, you’re in luck because the South London quartet have a lot more up their politically discontented sleeves. New single Precious Pressures is built to be more than just a tongue-twister to pronounce, it’s a social commentary of the warped world we exist in, a refreshing dig at the current government who look to line their own pockets at every turn. The new single arrives coincidently (we think not) at the same time as the government axes the £20 universal credit uplift. Vocalist Charlie Weight explains, “It’s about the constant pressure inflicted onto the lower classes of our society by the government and how this constant struggle, in turn, benefits their agenda.”

Precious Pressures kicks with a driving bass groove that underpins the band’s sound, a rumble of resentment that interlocks with jagged guitar parts and unyielding drums. Recalling the barbed grooves of legendary Leeds group Gang Of Four, Average Life Complaints look to reignite the flame that made the first wave of post-punk so important both politically and sonically. With their debut EP release on the horizon via Disobedient Records, the South London band look set to impress in 2022.