Driven by feelings of insecurity and paranoia, London’s Buggs return reflective on new track ‘Flaws’.

A powerful lyrical message and a strength in vulnerability gives their heartfelt take on the indie genre something unique.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Jody Evans

Buggs are back, and with an extra ‘g’ in their name, which might stand for ‘gusto’ given the exquisite harmonies and innate strut which underpins their stellar new single. The London quartet have returned with a track and vision that offers an insight into a lockdown mindset, feelings of aimlessness and isolation – something many of us can relate to having lived through the last two years.

Flaws describes experiences with self-loathing, self-doubt and paranoia and was penned in the midst of the rolling lockdowns of the pandemic. Alice Western states, “I wrote Flaws about spending too much time chipping away at yourself in the mirror – obsessing over all of your faults and insecurities, thinking back over and over over things you’ve done or said, and becoming paranoid that your friends and family think you’re a bad person. Flaws is about my favourite activity during lockdown – self loathing.”

Introducing itself with a silky-smooth organ sound and deep bass growl, Flaws boasts vocal harmonies so heavenly that The Beach Boys immediately spring to mind. The rigid backbone of drums and percussion sit subtly in the mix as the acoustic guitar begins to lead the track, the song builds brick by brick in its groove and oozes anxiety at each step, ending where it starts with a soothing organ sound.

Buggs‘ powerful lyrical message and strength in vulnerability gives their heartfelt take on the indie genre something incredibly unique, on just their second single the band manage to combine hugely relatable lyricism with a punchy pop prowess. Flaws is out now via Sad Club Records.