Rosie Alena shares heavenly new cut ‘God’s Garden’, an open letter to the balance of relationships.

When God created the garden of earthly delights, he must have had Rosie Alena’s latest video in mind.

Words by Poppy Richler

Directed by Max Mclachlan, Rosie Alena’s latest video is charming, enticing and ethereal. Set in a cloudy dream world laden with devilish apples, encroaching ivy and the all-seeing eye of Gus the plant puppet, this hallucinatory world is tempting but dangerous. Describing the song, Alena notes that her lyrical inspiration “spawned from multiple conversations with friends about their expectations of entering a new romantic relationship. God’s Garden says “I love you, but I also love myself, so here’s a few terms and conditions to ensure we don’t wither and wilt like a plant without water.”

What’s so special about the singer’s music is the way she consistently meshes multiple seemingly incongruous genres into a seamless web of instrumental complexity. The subtle minor shifts in God’s Garden, accompanied by the soft yet groove-laden drums melds into a perfect blend of folk, soul, pop and jazz that represents a truly original sound. Topped off with Alena’s enchanting vocals, the track beckons you into this fantasy, with a warning to check yourself at each stage of the journey.

Released via untitled (recs), God’s Garden is Alena’s second release of 2021, following on from The Light – an effortless medley of acoustic guitar, swing and waltz. The hallmark of a good song seems to be one that can withstand the test of time – pairing a universal subject with a video that gives you something new each time you return, God’s Garden is enduring, let alone immortal. This is Rosie’s world and we’re all just living in it.