Bristol quintet DAMEFRISØR take it to new limits on ‘Do You Think I’m Special?’ via Permanent Creeps.

DAMEFRISØR keeping pushing and find fruitful pockets of instrumental ecstasy where you least expect it.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Amia Ocean

The first time I heard DAMEFRISØR‘s music it swallowed me whole, it was like being stuck in the belly of a blue whale, submerged deep within the River Avon. Although not official releases, tracks such as Huile and And You Know – recorded with Bristol producer Dom Mitchsion (Spectres, LICE, Heavy Lungs) – cut through a barrage of emerging post-punks acts and offered something eye-watering and real, melding a Kevin Shields wall-of-sound with the darker, more industrial leanings of post-punk.

Along with a huge number of talented artists, the Bristol quintet found themselves beached on the wrong side of a global pandemic, with time on their hands to dig in and develop their sound. Through sessions with Robbie & Mona‘s Will Carkeet in the basement of legendary Bristol venue The Louisiana, DAMEFRISØR seemingly realised a new version of themselves, and have asked the question Do You Think I’m Special?

Do You Think I’m Special? opens with a driving guitar sound that seems to scintillate over the track’s surface water-like as synthesizers ripple and build with a furious energy. The heavenly vocal touches of Kazhi Jahfar echo through the sound pushing the band to dizzy new heights. When you think you can’t take anymore of their propulsive rhythms and rigid structures, this is the point where DAMEFRISØR keeping pushing – finding fruitful pockets of ecstasy where you least expect it. The band’s debut release arrives on 7″ vinyl early next year via London’s Permanent Creeps Records.