Talk Show share dark new cut ‘Underworld’, the first taste of new material.

With new EP ‘Touch The Ground’ set to arrive in 2022, the London quartet offer beat-driven new single.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Stewart-Baxter

Talk Show have been in the studio with Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard and Al Doyle. The result is Underworld, a track that oozes industrial-feel electronica and echoes late 80s acid house deep cuts – combined with the spoken word delivery of 90s heavyweights Faithless. Ever ones to keep us mere mortals on our toes, the new single arrives alongside a secret London show (tonight) at an unmarked location (further details on their socials).

If Underworld‘s sound comes as a surprise then you must have missed Trouble, the band’s collaboration with major label house artist Eli Brown. In what was a sonic side-step for the band, Trouble melded the band’s love of anthemic builds with vocalist Harrison Swann’s vocal lucidity – offering something electric to what could only be described as a house ‘banger’. Underworld wriggles and pulsates like a band exploring their sound and potential – and shedding further light on the talents of drummer Chloe MacGregor – while bringing forward new electronic influences and diving head first into a new world of sound.

“Finding a groove and locking into it collectively really shaped the way we approached the other tracks,” states Swann. “Rhythm first. Vocals and guitars second. Stemming from the thumping techno drum beat and lots of noisy rhythms, this track’s a high energy intro to the new EP and a statement of intent.” Talk Show‘s new EP is set to arrive in 2022, before that the band will headline London’s Lafayette on October 1st.