London’s Kipper Gillespie reveals heart-warming lo-fi EP ‘K (Be Funny)’ on Big Richard Records.

The London newcomer brings an intimacy to every track and hones a sweeping 90s rock sound.

Words by Brad Harris

K (Be Funny) is the title of Kipper Gillespie’s new EP. I don’t know what he’s worrying about, the Irishman has humour and charm out the wazoo. Like every young man he lists Weezer and Pavement as an influence, and whilst there is a definite Malkmus-esque inflection to the lackadaisical delivery/ lo-fi vibe, I feel the same warmth as when in the wry hands of more recent artists like Faye Webster, Blackaby or Willie J Healey across this charming set of songs.

The second release on newly minted label Big Richard records, the EP was predominantly written and recorded in Kipper’s bedroom in London (with, fittingly, a few touches “by our mate Jamie in Surrey”). Ok yes, it’s bedroom pop, but it’s incredibly well put together and at times surprisingly pretty. It’s also uncannily dripping in Irish wit (less Fontaines, more stoned David Keenan) and rough around the edges in the same endearing way as the audible click at the end of Mitski’s Best American Girl.

This is all to say, K (Be Funny) is a nice ‘n’ breezy bunch of songs that don’t aim to be more than the sum of their parts, just happy to be a collection of very well-put together little intricacies. To close proceedings, here is a quote from my friend upon hearing my description alone: “It sounds like a nice watch”.