NRVS unleash a “a nightmare-normal” view of our present and near future on ‘I Like You’.

NRVS have an innate, lived-in punk swagger that echoes through their mind-bendingly futuristic sound.

Words by Karl Johnson

London trio NRVS are a mysterious bunch, they opt for their visual identity and music to speak for itself, which is a decent plan in the current climate for live music. The trio have set out to create “a nightmare-normal vision of the near future, that you can dance to,” and new single I Like You does just that – if by dancing you mean breaststroking through murky instrumental swamplands to low slung grooves turned inside out and bent out of shape. The track feels as though it acts on instinct and questions the insecurity of the world and people around us, after all the music game is just one big popularity contest right? We’re just a slick haircut away from success.

London director Grain Freeze got to work on the startling visual to accompany the track, creating a high-intensity and mind-bending concoction of Tarkovsky’s Solaris and Flash Gordon. The story follows a lonely astronaut orbiting a strange planet, the planet then appears to start sending her needy text messages, she doesn’t know if the universe has gone mad … or just her. NRVS have an innate punk swagger that echoes through I Like You, saxophones melt in the distance and guitars rattle and shake, all caught up in the groove.

I Like You is cut from NRVS’ upcoming EP set for release this Autumn, co-produced by the band at South London’s Off License studios.