New York City outfit Flossing unleash the murky and immersive ‘Add To Cart’ from upcoming EP.

Flossing return with ‘Add To Cart’, a heavy electronic cut bathed in nightmarish guitars.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Kevin Condon

As soon as the solo project of Heather Elle (ex-BODEGA and The Wants) was announced, I had the feeling that it was going to push the boundaries of what I expected. If BODEGA is buzz-saw-grooves with a 21st century punk spirit, then The Wants exist in the elastic darkness of no-wave, Flossing‘s new single Add To Cart offers a murky and immersive brand of electronica with nightmarish guitars that sets the project apart from the above-mentioned.

Add To Cart was penned while on a solo travel in London between tours in 2019, Heather found Stoke Newington’s cemetery-cum-nature reserve Abney Park to be a great thinking place – and to microdose magic mushrooms – with memories of childhood cereal adverts arriving in her thoughts, mirroring the deceptive nature of the all-consuming internet advertising of today. Add To Cart warps the reality of those very cereal slogans, presenting them as a sickly-sweet noose around the unsuspecting necks of consumers, all in a quick “Snap, shackle, huff”.

“We’re now foraging with our minds instead of our bodies,” she states, “and are constantly getting tricked into hoarding both useless information and products.” I personally couldn’t agree more. Flossing‘s self-produced debut five-track EP Queen of the Mall arrives September 10 via Brace Yourself Records.