Media Giant arrive with an earworm for the ages on ‘Afraid of the Dark’.

With heavy grooves and irresistible harmonies, the London newcomers share their debut.

Words: Brad Harris | Photo: Charlie Drinkwater

I wrote in my last article about the vibes being off. The article I am referencing suggested that perhaps this summer’s narrative should be a ‘post-cringe, DFW summer’. I’ve since been trying to collect my thoughts on this. The edgy sensibility of DFW’s era did eventually give way to something more playful. The Bends vs. In Rainbows. Are we in that transitional period again? Post-post-punk irony? Wooze just covered The Strokes, black midi’s latest album is a striking display of genuine sincerity, Domino are still on top, moa moa’s Speedy single, I could go on. It seems that maybe humour and emotion are starting to be in vogue again.

It’s my birthday today so I am probably a pre-disposed to a little nostalgia, revelry, and emotion (usually because birthdays end up being a touch depressing), but at least I have the new debut single by elusive act Media Giant to delve into. In a way, they harken back to that slippery noughties era where listeners were ready to accept bands with an experimental/ technical style like Battles and Dirty Projectors. Like the former, the guitar work is singularly impressive and, like the latter there are some incredible vocal harmonies.

Although they suggest that they apparently came at this with a “quirky insouciance and a deft touch of consumerist satire”, it nonetheless feels thought-out, honed and cared for. Media Giant are the Old Masters to the paint-by-numbers of something like Anne-Marie’s new album. Often, when listening to an artist, you feel as if they have no choice but to create, that it’s the only thing they know. With these guys, you know they are coming at it from a place of love and joy. Yes, they are skilled for sure, but they trade in vibes, not pretensions. Media Giant are here with an earworm for the ages.