DEADLETTER return with ‘Monday Night Terrors’, a collision of nightmares and reality.

As nightmares become closer and closer to reality in post-Brexit Britain, DEADLETTER are a band we’ll need.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Joel Kerr

“Monday Night Terrors is a response to a severely terrifying series of early-hours nightmares I experienced,” says frontman Zak Lawrence, “I had three dreams within one another, like three Russian-doll polythene bags wrapped around my head.” Listening to the newest single by DEADLETTER, you’re able to place yourself within those very Inception-esque nightmares, or perhaps there’s one of your own etched into your memory.

Though Monday Night Terrors finds the London four-piece at their most sonically reserved in the verse, the lyricism that accompanies the track allows you to envisage the condensation dripping from the walls and the sweat from Lawrence’s brow, such is the subtly venomous delivery. The music itself stands true to the all or nothing/ heart on sleeve approach we’ve seen on DEADLETTER‘s sweat-inducing and socially aware run of singles – they’ve released just four singles to date. The squealing brass, deep-rooted bass grooves and warped guitar parts offer an effortless build which is equalled only by the inner fury of Lawrence’s vocal presence.

Whether it concerns a loss of personal identity, consumerism or bureaucracy, the Yorkshire-born and South London-based outfit are just getting started. Within the current political climate of post-Brexit Britain, DEADLETTER are a band we’ll need, as many nightmares become closer and closer to reality. Lawrence finishes, “Upon my perceived awakening from each dream, further horrors occurred, to the point that when I finally awoke, I was unable to tell whether or not I truly was sentient, as the horror continued.”