EERA returns with otherworldly new track ‘Ladder’ and reveals details of sophomore album.

The song’s ethereal electronic presence and subtly euphoric vocal takes EERA’s sound to new highs.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Tobias Humble

Whether it was the delicate and emotive tale of Christine or the unhinged and explosive power of Living, EERA‘s debut album Reflection of Youth was an almighty victory and sheepishly threw its hat into the ring for album of the year in 2017. It straddled a deep and immersive electronic feel with something more raw and angular, it had moments of floral pop sandwiched alongside dark and cavernous instances of drone-like electronics and barbed guitar lines – the result was left-field pop perfection. EERA aka Anna Lena Bruland – having now relocated from London to Berlin – has shared new track Ladder and announced that her sophomore LP Speak will arrive this winter.

On Ladder Bruland returns confident and brimming with learned positivity. The new cut talks about opportunity and being grateful for the everyday, while shedding light on self-sabotage and pushing oneself down the ladder. Sonically the track is underpinned by an unstoppable bass groove and boundless drums that hammer home a feeling of freedom, alongside EERA‘s signature spiralling and textured synthesizers. Bruland’s subtly euphoric vocal effortlessly finds room to get across its message before succumbing to the song’s ethereal electronic presence which takes the sound to new highs.

Arriving December 3rd, Bruland notes that, “Speak is a search for a balance in life, acknowledging myself, and being proud of who I am. To become braver and more confident, and stop questioning so much. Accept and move on instead. My debut was a little bit timid, like, am I doing this right? This album is more who I am.”