‘Sea Song’ is the latest release from south London trio POZI, taken from their upcoming EP.

‘Sea Song’ taps into the visceral corners of anxiety and discomfort.

Words by Ilgaz Hisirci

Fitting well into a dystopian David Lynch soundtrack, POZI’s Sea Song taps into the visceral corners of anxiety and discomfort. The track opens with a brooding atmosphere and an air of fear suspended in the mix, as violinist and vocalist Rosa Brook builds the tension with a sense of forewarning, “See the rising tide, feel the rise, feel the tide rise”. The south London trio encapsulate the current mood of uncertainty within the country with the tensity of their pulsating bass groove and unstoppable drum rhythms.

The sense of anxious anticipation makes your skin crawl, as the delicate vocal combination rises to the surface almost suffocating the listener – the violin, personifying tide, closes in. POZI state, “The more meditative structure of the song and repetitive but slowly evolving nature of the lyrics reflects the patterns we see in nature, life cycles, human relationships and, also importantly, in pandemics. The song’s subject matter, the sea, can be menacing, dark and unknown but can also bring about a huge feeling of freedom and abandon, which is comparable to the immense chasm of this recent global experience.”

Sea Song is cut from POZI’s upcoming five-track EP entitled Typing, set to be released October 29th via PRAH Recordings, seeing the trio explore further the menacing and unconventional sound that is POZI. In October the trio set off on a 17-date tour of the UK, stopping at London institute The Lexington on November 24th.