Introducing New York City’s Flossing, and the pulsating groove of debut single’Switch’.

Flossing is the solo project of The Wants bassist Heather Elle, and ‘Switch’ is the first taster of their forthcoming debut EP ‘Queen Of The Mall’.

Words: Scott Rimington | Photo: Kevin Condon

The song begins with a slow, pulsating electronic groove reminiscent of Massive Attack‘s Angel, with languid, dreamy guitar chords ushering in the opening line “I am both scared and intrigued by the deviant of man”. It sets an engaging lyrical tone that evolves and fluctuates throughout. In Elle’s own words – “In it’s dual moods, the song represents the complexities of coinciding grieving processes – my mother passing suddenly before tour, ending a five year relationship, leaving a band, and learning that my city and industry would be on an indefinite hold”

In the context of BDSM, the term ‘switch’ refers to someone who might shift back and forth between dominant and submissive roles with their sexual partner/s, and this theme certainly manifests itself in Elle’s dynamic vocal performance, especially when it works in tandem with the monotone, chant-like harmonies in the hook-laden chorus section. As the song’s climax approaches, we are treated to a delicious transition into double time, closely followed by a drastic dead-stop, after which you may well be reaching for the replay button. Switch is out now on Brace Yourself Records. A vinyl release and live performance will be announced shortly.