With a date set for their debut EP, Folly Group share ‘Sand Fight’.

The London collective announce their debut EP with a hectic and mind-altering new video.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Josh-Taylor-Moon

This week Folly Group have shared the bewitching video for their second single Sand Fight. The track sees the London four-piece at their rhythmic best, complete with a hypnotic and psychedelic visual that follows the band playing live in a heavily curtained room with flashes of melted clocks, saucepans and other odd objects presented through the flames of collective memory. The band offer that Sand Fight, “became a collage made of symbols and signifiers of being young – both the positive experiences and myriad anxieties.”

Sand Fight seems to reflect the unbridled energy of youth itself, a concoction of bright-eyed ideas, limitless energy and the anxiety of societal expectation. The track shines with unstoppable groove and spiked guitar lines that pinch at a breathless vocal delivery. There’s a root darkness to Folly Group‘s sound which is kept at bay on Sand Fight, explored further sonically on their superb debut single Four Wheel Drive.

Sand Fight is a trip down memory lane that you half remember, the key moments stay the same but time and space washes away the unimportant detail and replaces it with a warm feeling. The new track arrives with the announcement of their debut EP Awake and Hungry, which arrives June 11th via So Young Records (pre-order it here). Find the band on Spotify here.