Hadda Be unveil ‘This Won’t End Well’ ahead of their debut album.

Words: Karl Johnson

There’s a ferocious energy that underpins Hadda Be‘s sound, a darkness that lingers but never quite settles. It’s a beating heart and a strength of songwriting from noughties-era indie, combined with tight-knit and rigid grooves that makes Hadda Be an exciting prospect. Sweet guitar-led pop with vocal hooks and an honest lyrical sentiment. The band have released a new single entitled This Won’t End Well as a teaser for their full-length record, which will be released at the end of April.

This Won’t End Well is an rollercoaster that twists and turns through an emotional jigsaw of cutting guitars parts and rolling drums, with the vocal delivery providing the gel to the track’s potent instrumental thrust. Recorded in just five days between rolling lockdowns in 2020 at Brighton Road Studios, Hadda Be note that, “there’s a vibrancy and an energy to our live shows, a distinct personality that we wanted to immortalise in our debut album. The songs were mostly recorded live, with some overdubs here and there.” For further evidence of the tangible emotion they capture within their sound, check out previous single Another Life.

The band’s debut album will be released via Last Night From Glasgow on April 30th 2021, you can pre-order it here.