Brighton’s Midlight find a light in dark times on ‘Emergency Song’.

The quartet offer a balance of anxiety and hope within their nostalgia-soaked soundcape.

Words by Grace Mainwaring

Hailing from Brighton, alternative rock outfit Midlight return with new single Emergency Song. It follows on from last year’s releases Pandemonium and Sink to The Level. Combining acoustic guitar with hypnotic synths, the new single opens a door to a minimalist and beat-driven soundscape that unravels over four and a half touching minutes, offering lyrical intimacy and joyous euphoria.

Having been writing together since their school days, it may be no surprise that the four-piece started their recording process crammed into their drummer’s bedroom. In what can be considered a incredibly productive move in 2020’s rolling lockdowns, the band spent time building their own studio. Though Emergency Song is a nostalgia packed ballad, stirring up memories from the late 90s and early 2000s, its lyrical focus is on modern society’s obsession with consumerism and greed. “Spend all your money on things online, do you think I’m stupid,” recalls a modern spin on the infamous film of the same era, Trainspotting’s ‘Choose Life’ speech.

A perfect accompaniment for long journeys and a warm embrace within the cold snaps of late Spring, Emergency Song reflects a balance of anxiety and hope as we move through periods of uncertainty. Check out Midlight‘s bancamp for a limited edition 10″ vinyl here. Find the band on Spotify here.