London’s Ski Lift share buoyant alternative pop gem ‘Portal’.

Youthful and energetic, ‘Portal’ is the escapist earworm that echos the changing of seasons.

Words: Hannah Hayden | photo: cameron jl west

If you’re looking for a song to enjoy on the one sunny day that occurs between 10 days of rain and 10 more days of rain, look no further than Ski Lift’s newest single, Portal. This single, the first of three to be released throughout the spring, can of course be listened to on even the most foul-tempered day – however, it has an inherently springy and carefree disposition.

Founded in 2018, the band is comprised of Welsh songwriter Benji Tranter, with Ailsa Tully on bass and drums played by Jovis Lane of Show Boy. The song provides a sudden burst of hopeful energy, making fun of the notion that the grass is always greener when you’re not in Croydon, where lead singer Benji Tranter now lives. Hailing from the ‘beautiful countryside of the Welsh border’, he meditates over his transition from the bucolic countryside to the frenetic energy of the city, aiming to eventually see ‘how big the world can be’. His plight isn’t unfamiliar in a time when many of us have shipped back to our one-horse towns, or, conversely, are trapped working at home with nothing but concrete to look at as we go on our daily stroll.

The song, however, has a youthful and optimistic edge. Tranter offers that, “I have learned over the years that you can find vibrant energy in the fields and forests, and peace and solitude in the midst of a bustling city, if you look for it.” This positivity is echoed in an upbeat and guitar-heavy single which can be likened to current jangly rockers Tiña and summer favourites Weezer. Find the band on Spotify here.