sludge and psychedelia Sister Wives offer harmonic new single.

The Sheffield quartet wade through the sludge to summon the spirit of psychedelia.

Words: Grace Mainwaring | Photo: Laura Merrill

Sheffield stargazers Sister Wives return with a new double A-side release. Liv, Rose, Lisa and Donna have had a busy year, producing not only brand new music but two members of the band are also new mothers. Their tune I Fyny Af/ Rise reflects this matriarchal power, while also producing the perfect sludgy riffs to headbang to.

The Yorkshire outfit’s new release casts a spell over the listener with a deep and thriving guitar sound, alongside grunge-tinged and iridescent vocals that seem to act as a summoning charm to subterranean spirits. Synths that jab and fizzle in the mix keep the song unpredictable and fresh-sounding, as a warm energy wraps itself around each instrument in a psychedelic rock fog. Sister Wives explain, “Both ‘I Fyny Af / Rise” and ‘Crags’ are about summoning the consciousness of the land in times of despair; calling upon the ancient gods that live in the rocks, woods, lakes, seas and trees, and exploring spiritual suspicions and witchcraft. We wanted to explore both sides: the fear of witches, and also defend these long vilified women.”

The new double A-side concerns awakening the powers of the land in times of depravation, calling up natural gods living in all elements of nature from the seas to the trees and exploring superstitions and witchcraft. Their dedication to singing in Welsh ties into this theme, in preserving ancient traditions and cultures. Rumour has it an album is on its way in 2021, in the meantime you may wander through this detailed ancient landscape and enjoy it’s fruits. Find the band on Spotify here.