YVA release the stirring ‘Fountain of Youth’, cut from their upcoming EP.

‘Fountain of Youth’ attempts to bring balance to an existence fogged by the complexities of online existence.

Words by Karl Johnson

The latest release by YVA captures the intricate micro-dramas in our everyday existence. Through a spellbinding vocal delivery and cutting string sections, Fountain of Youth documents a modern day fascination with the living of hollow secondary lives on social media. We know as adults the dangers and pitfalls, yet still we pray at the alter of technological advancement at the expense of our sanity. “I’m bored of being bought and sold” echos YVA.

Fountain of Youth is the first insight into YVA‘s debut EP entitled HYPE MACHINE and explores the concept of being forever young. The track’s underlying instrumental tension and anxiety-inducing textures bubble and spit at the delicate yet powerful vocal presence. The track finds a contrast of euphoric passages and tighter more strained moments in an attempt to unearth a psychological balance of well-being.

YVA states, “I’m not just angry at the platforms that manipulate our insecurities for their own sales and engagement, but at us as consumers for feeding the beast. We know what they’re doing to us but we just keep praying to that machine. I hate that I’m an unwitting sales-person for my self-hate.”

The EP HYPEMACHINE was recorded through 2020 with partner Jonathan Hibbert in their newly-built home studio, drums were added by Martyn Kaine and the string arrangement by Anna Phoebe. Would you believe that the vocals on Fountain of Youth were recorded inside a wardrobe? Find YVA on Spotify here.