John Myrtle’s whirlwind romance with pop returns on ‘Get Her Off My Mind’.

Let’s usher in the spring season with 60s-kissed and sun-scorched pop melody.

Words: Grace Mainwaring | Photo: Jody Evans

Envisage yourself striding along Brighton’s grey pebbled beach with a ninety-nine or plush pink candy floss in hand pining after your own sweet someone. London-based but Birmingham-born John Myrtle has returned with the sea sloshing at his side and with salty air as his only distraction on new single Get Her Off My Mind. For his first release since the triumph of his 2019 debut EP Here’s John Myrtle, he returns with a pop melody sweet enough to satisfy the strongest of cravings. In the time since, Myrtle and his live band have supported artists from H. Hawkline to Boy Azooga, even duetting with the latter at one gig.

Get Her Off My Mind is a buoyant and cheerful indie pop nugget, with Myrtle’s Jarvis Cocker-esque vocal narrating the dizziness of infatuation. With poetic moments like, ‘cobbled streets of Rome to the cotton sheets of home,’ you find yourself cooing at the emotive nature of his lyricism. Myrtle dedicates this track to his own love of beach pop romance classics, referring to the influence of The Beach Boys and classic sixties pop, which played a fundamental role in his own musical formation.

“This song was written a long time ago and has stayed with me,” he states “.. so to finally give it a release is both exciting and relieving! I remember I was listening to a lot of The Beach Boys at the time, and just a lot of classic 60s pop which I guess is what I listen to anyway. Here though, I wanted to do a song that was just a very simple, catchy 3 minute pop song, like a Monkees track or something!” 

Released via Sad Club Records – with a 7″ single arriving via subscription service Flying Vinyl – John Myrtle’s commitment to pop melody has paid off and ushers in the spring season with open arms. Find him on Spotify here.