Brighton’s Inky Nite discuss ‘The Canyon’ of division in the UK.

An undercurrent of darkness flows through their sound echoing the current state of affairs in the world.

Words by Karl Johnson

There’s an undercurrent of darkness in the lyrical output of Inky Nite that injects something smokier and more mysterious into their crystal clear synth pop waters. With their debut single Bad Machines the Brighton duo spoke about a human existence alongside technological advancement, with their follow up Spectres they added weight to their sound and with The Canyon they show us that they’re a band with the potential to make a stunning full-length record.

“This is the last in the trilogy of singles we recorded in our seaside flat…” state the husband-wife duo. “We were reading the tug-of-war of opinions online and the words poured out in response, as we tried to make sense of how we arrived at this point. The song spotlights everything from the rise of xenophobia and the relentless migrant-bashing of certain newspapers and politicians to online misinformation and social media echo chambers.”

Inky Nite know how to write a chorus, at height of the first lockdown in 2020, as the band put it “.. days and weeks blurred indistinguishably into one,” offering the project an opportunity to document the atmosphere of their dark current vision into song through euphoric vocal melodies, simmering synthesizers and hook-laden choruses.

There’s nothing quite like the collapse of the world as you know it to bring about the creation of something otherworldly and escapist. Especially if your flat looks onto dark and stormy British waters of Brighton. Find the band on Spotify here.