Strange Neighbours unveil the visual for ‘Shake Down’, an ode to dance.

On the video for ‘Shake Down’, the Brighton outfit show that dance can cleanse the soul.

Words by Karl Johnson

On the new music video from collaborative dance music project Strange Neighbours – also the debut music video from director Kyle McCarhy – the Brighton project, led by Opus Kink’s Sam Abbo, prove that dance can most definitely cleanse the soul. In the ruptured and disillusioned post-Brexit landscape of modern Britain, for many of us bathing in the icy cold waters of Brighton seafront in February would be an easy feat given what some of us are undergoing.

The project utilizes different vocalists on each track – sink into Black Cat Walking for Maisy Banks’ dreamy contribution – with Shake Down being a collaboration between vocalist Johny Giles, previously of Brighton electro-disco outfit Transformer. The track harnesses electronic rhythms and boundless groove through guitars and a gritty jazz funk saxophone overlay, the result is a sonic shedding of anxiety through dance music. The video, somewhat of an exorcism.

Strange Neighbours explain: “The ‘Shake Down’ video follows a comfortably deranged Brit as he broadcasts to the world from his respectable tea sesh on the lawn. Scenes from this post Brexit nightmare are intertwined with a breakaway cult member as he dances down to cleanse himself in the cold waters of Brighton.”

The full Strange Neighbours E.P will be released on Hideous Mink Records on April 15th on a limited run of cassettes. The two singles Black Cat Walking and Shake Down will be available to pre order soon on 7” Vinyl. Find the band on Spotify here.