Newcomers Sterling Press harness the raw spirit of 90’s indie on debut.

The West Londoners arrive with bottomless energy, scuzzy riffs and nods to the sound of 90’s Britpop.

Words by Laura Pegler

While some may’ve seen the events of the past year as an impromptu opportunity to detox the body, cleanse the mind and start a podcast, what is safe to say is that we’re all somewhat lacking in ‘very fun times.’ Vocalising what we’re all thinking and with a classic alt-rock beat in tow, is London hailing four-piece Sterling Press and their debut single.

Finding their footing in the bright-eyed melody of ‘very fun times,’ the London locals appear fresh-faced and with bottomless energy reserves stored up. As scuzzy riffs nod to the sounds of 90’s Britpop, vocalist Marlon Reynier’s chanted lyrics are reminiscent of a young Damon Albarn. Executed with all the exuberance of an early number by The Vaccines and basking in the warm glow of a horn-led instrumental, the single is itching to be served on a sunny stage somewhere – whenever that beautiful moment may be.

Despite the track’s upbeat exterior, drummer Lucien Ismael explains: “It’s about someone trying to fit in. They haven’t yet discovered what they like so instead, they follow the same trends as everyone else to feel good about themselves. They come off as one thing but get paranoid about not fitting in, so they slot themselves into whatever gap they can find. They’ll say anything to please anyone.” Ah, the humble growing pains of adolescence. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

With the promise of ska, punk and techno influences making their way onto future releases and an official Sterling Press beer in production, the indie lads are certainly a dynamic bunch all set to make 2021 a year to remember – and for all the right reasons. Find the band on Spotify here.