Dreamlike and flowing. London’s Maripool share ‘Blindness’.

Driven by jangling guitars that move wavelike through the mix, ‘Blindness’ is a truly hypnotic offering.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Carina Simoes

The brand new track by Maripool has locked me into a dream state, it’s 2041 and I’m seated on a decorated table at the Hard Of Hearing awards at the TikTok Academy Brixton in London. ‘You may recognise him from the Hyundai adverts, here to present tonight’s award for the artist with the highest social media engagement is the guy from Fat White Family.. (canned applause).’ As the melodic vocal of Natasha Simões snaps me awake and I return to the reality of lockdown, I have now come to appreciate the true power of escapism in Maripool‘s new release.

Driven by jangling guitars that move wavelike through the mix, the detailed rhythmic offering on Blindness is truly hypnotic. The track is stretched by a bass groove that locks in and never lets up, aiding the track’s subtly psychedelic feel and Real Estate-esque approach to a pop song. B-side Emilio holds an underlying uncertainty and darkness in it’s deep flowing feel, recalling pre-2012 Beach House. In a match made in heaven, both tracks were recorded in Greenwich with Euan Hinshelwood of Younghusband.

The award for the best DIY music video of 2021 so far goes to.. Maripool and ‘Blindness.’ Out now on Strong Island Recordings. Find the band on Spotify here.