Badwan/Coxon reaches a sprawling ‘Boiling Point’ of psychedelia.

The woozy psychedelia that both parties gravitate towards rears its dazed and heavy head to grand effect.

Words by Brad Harris

Although it may seem like an age since The Horrors did anything, Faris Badwan’s reputation continues to precede him. Production credits on Let’s Eat Grandma’s grandiose sophomore album, soundtrack work on the acclaimed-by-all-English-cinephiles Peter Strickland’s erotic opus The Duke of Burgundy and a label co-founded with his brother all point to a bucket list with numerous crossed out entries.

Now on the cards is a single with psychedelic kingpin John Coxon, a prolific collaborator in his own right. The sometime member of Spiritualized, his name has appeared on works by Yak, Thurston Moore and Everything But the Girl, not to mention his own improvisational work too. If you haven’t got the gist by now, it’s a match made in heaven.

The woozy psychedelia that both parties generally gravitate towards rears its dazed and heavy head again here on Boiling Point. Its static energy emerges through the buzzing synth drone, wah-ed guitars and the lashings of distorted chords as if to invoke some place outside of time and space.

That being said, if one were to relate it to any particular time, it would be 4AM, the peak of supernatural activity, the part of the party where everyone is sat on the floor humming and the melatonin takes hold. This may be the jam that holds those moments of communal traversal together. Boiling Point arrives via Tough Love Records on limited edition (500) 12”, which includes a very limited run of 100 copies with hand painted sleeves by Faris which are available via Bandcamp.