Brighton’s Nature TV hit 2021 running with soulful new cut ‘Hey Man’.

You can rely on the band to combat the sub-zero winter cold with a soothing and healing warmth.

Words by Hannah Hayden

I should tell you all that I keep stock of an imaginary playlist which I will play when I finally own a vintage convertible and decide to drive the expanse of the Pacific Highway. I am telling you this because Nature TV’s latest release, Hey Man, has just earned a place on that playlist.

The Brighton four-piece celebrated a prolific 2019-2020, releasing both the Emotion Sickness EP and Lady Luck EP on Heist or Hit records. Their latest release Hey Man, continues in the same production vein – easy guitar tremolos that call back and forth to each other, soulful backing vocals which contribute an element of lightness and company to the song, and an overall sound that is rooted in squeaky clean instrumentation.

Despite coming out in the depths of winter, Hey Man has a slightly summery feeling to it that is achieved by a lackadaisical rhythm section – shakers and a bouncing bass line. However, there is an inherent conflict at the core of the song, one which is expressed by the chorus lyrics, “All these things taste the same/ They’re sweet until they complain to me about me and/ I don’t want nobody else to say, hey man, you’re going the wrong way.”

The tone of the chorus, both provocative and laissez-faire, is reminiscent of I Must Confess by Everything But The Girl. To add some more recent comparisons, I also suggest this song to fans of bands such as Barbudo and The Native. Hey Man marks a start for Nature TV in 2021 that is laid back, cute, and tentative. Find the band on Spotify here.