London art rock quartet JC Palmer unleash ‘Fidget’ via Art’s Cool.

With four human pistons firing in sequence, ‘Fidget’ marries melody and madness.

Words: Karl Johnson | Photo: Liam Evans

The newest addition to JC Palmer‘s back catalogue springs into life one well-oiled gear at a time, before truly arriving with four pistons firing in sequence. The result is bewitching, aided by xylophone then saxophone as they both scorch the guitar-heavy mix, Fidget comes to life like a sonic Pinocchio.

The South London via Tunbridge Wells quartet offer something airtight and instant. The art rock outfit marry melody and madness while setting out to re-write romance for the uninitiated. Groove to the guitars and it may well give you neck ache and don’t look to the rhythm section for room to breathe, however the expansive chorus section roams free from restraint greyhound-like as the vocal really makes it’s mark. Fidget provides a hook-laded payoff that is well worth it’s wait.

Lyricist Jake Palmer states, “Fidget is about misunderstanding what it means to be emotionally intimate, like some impatient gardener expecting closeness and an important connection to spring out of infertile ground. It’s about finally realising that you’ve been trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, and letting go of the situation that you were trying desperately to make work.”

One-trick ponies? Plop their 2018 album Endless Laughter on your to-do list this week for irrefutable evidence against. JC Palmer‘s Fidget is the first release from Margate label and promoters of the avant-garde Art’s Cool. Find the band on Spotify here.