Beige Banquet share the biting and cultured ‘Cold Yoghurt’ from debut LP.

The track’s minimalist approach has a colossal impact, full of Building tension and a knife-edged energy.

Words by Grace Mainwaring

After Beige Banquet’s debut single Wired/ Weird was released at the back end of a horrendous 2020, the post-punk outfit continue into the new year with their vibrant, biting and cultured second single Cold Yoghurt. Formed only last year, Beige Banquet is the solo recording project of multi-instrumentalist Tom Brierley. On his first solo outing following work with bands PKNN (London) and NOUGHTS (Melbourne), Brierley’s intelligent use of instrumentation creates an impact of near orchestral punk.

The unstoppable momentum in Wired/ Weird is again perpetuated in new single Cold Yoghurt, the spoken words uttered are short and sharp, echoing a tannoy announcement, yet somehow maintaining an air of cool. The fast pace of both erratic guitars and frenzied synths creates a feeling of urgency to either mosh, head bang or to jog very vigorously to. Both Joy Division and Devo’s influence cuts through and like both those artists, Beige Banquet’s minimalist approach has a colossal impact.

On the same day of the release of Cold Yoghurt the band introduced their first full-length LP in Beta, released on limited edition cassette via their very own DIY label Just Step Sideways. Find the band on Spotify here.

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