Part fizz, part pop. South London’s Pushpin twist and turn on ‘Folds’.

The Newcomers flex their left-field pop chops in a cocktail of marching indie and fizzing electronica.

Words by Rob Broadbent

The world’s falling apart and it’s tough out there, well more specifically in there – and by that, I mean in your brain. Luckily, popular music band (yep that’s the bio on their socials and I love it) Pushpin, have gifted us with three and a half minutes of synth-soaked self-care to help us through.

The South London four-piece’s new release Folds arrives hot on the heels of their debut single (the simply joyful Running Shoes) and lyrically addresses the struggle of being arsed about looking after yourself. “I have not always been one for my health/ but now I promise to love myself”, oozes the buoyant lyricism, which is intertwined with a rhythm section – that includes a special ingredient of added saucepan percussion – which frogmarches you through smatterings of vocal harmonies ending with lovely warm bath of synthesizer.

The band bounced demos back and forth in early 2020, finally coming together again in August armed with, according to the band, “about twenty different versions of each song”. It took a collection of high end microphones sourced from last minute eBay bids, and a singer turned producer extraordinaire to bash out a handful of new tunes which are set for release in 2021.

So if you’re feeling this, good news, there’s a load more on the way. Stream it on Spotify here but buy it Bandcamp here first.