Don’t Worry conjure up an indie rock gem in new single ‘As If By Magic’.

The Harlow quartet ask that we ditch the rose-coloured glasses and find value in the moment.

Words by Cherry Walker | Photo Oli Cox

If one thing in life can be guaranteed, it’s the constant passing of time. With constant social media pop-ups telling us about our ‘memories’ it can be hard not to look at the past fondly; with the constant challenge of creating a brighter future, it can be even harder not to think of a perfect future. Don’t Worry’s newest release As If By Magic reminds us of the value of staying in the present.

Headed by a superbly melodic guitar riff that is guaranteed to bend your mind for days to come, As If By Magic uses a more stripped back approach to really get it’s point across. The vocal harmonies on display bolster the unique sound that Don’t Worry treat us to – the track’s momentum is also aided by an unstoppable drum section – giving us easy listening and hard hitting all wrapped up in one with a neat bow on top.

Songwriter Samuel Watson really has us wanting to “Find whatever meaning in that which presents itself”, his lyrics ask us to explore our more philosophical side even as the world burns in the rear view. We sure are ready to “dive into the rat race”, as Watson puts it, and shrug off the warm blanket of nostalgia.

As If By Magic was tracked at home by the band – though it’s origins started out from sessions at Abbey Road Studios – before being mastered in Chicago. The release arrives via Specialist Subject Records. Find the band on Spotify here.