Bristol surrealist pop duo Robbie & Mona offer up a gem in ‘Queen Celine’.

‘Queen Celine’ searches for beauty in imbalance and opens our eyes to a synth-heavy, patchwork pop dynamic.

Robbie & Mona are gearing up for the release of their debut record, the duo – both members of Bristol group Pet Shimmers – bring a soul-stirring lo-fi sensibility to a world of contorted pop melodies and eerie synthesisers. With their new release Queen Celine, the duo explore self-reflection and generate dreamlike passages of sound. In perfect contrast, the duo are unafraid to explore more discordant and harsher sonic urges. Watch the music video here.

Mona explains, “Celine is a character that pops up in my short stories and imaginings a lot. She kind of represents all things surreal for me. The vocals for this song just spilled out after a day of losing my marbles and finding them again.”

Queen Celine finds pockets of beauty in a study of sonic imbalance and opens our eyes to a patchwork pop dynamic which is a surprisingly perfect escapism. Their debut record was largely recorded at renowned Bristol venue The Louisiana, the building’s cellar providing a fitting backdrop for the project, with additional parts put down at home. Robbie & Mona’s debut album EW is set to be released 29th January via Spinny Nights. Find the band on Spotify here.

Words by Karl Johnson.
Photo by Ellie Gray.