Nuha Ruby Ra unearths a sleeping demon in ‘Sparky’ ahead of her debut EP.

another stunning piece of an uncompromising jigsaw of human emotion.

What do we know about Nuha Ruby Ra? The East London avant-punk artist has shared a bunch of singles in 2020, each with it’s own distinct sound and delivery. Piece by piece the next uncompromising slice of human emotion is revealed, seemingly for both the listener and out of necessity for the artist. From the hypnotic Erase Me in April to the eery and demanding soundscape of August release Cruel, Nuha Ruby Ra’s creativity is firing on all cylinders.

New single Sparky is a song regarding the joys of sex and emotional detachment. The track’s beat-driven approach and coiled, bubbling electronic underbelly are an instant success. A crisp drum beat and a spoken word vocal delivery begins to dominate the sound of the track, before the chorus of Sparky twists everything on it’s head. Erupting into an impulse-driven synth sound, the bubble of normality bursts as the track rattles the listeners skull with a moment of consciousness and truth.

Nuha says of the single, “I’m Sparky, it’s a name I was given once by an old flame. That Sparky was all about the joys of sex and dominance. The sleeping demon that needed to come out for a dance and push the demons of ‘Erase Me’ and ‘Cruel’ off to the side for a minute. Still restless, irritated and a bit reflective, even while having great sex. No rest.”

Nuha Ruby Ra’s ability to construct haunting atmospheres and to candidly approach taboo subjects is incredibly refreshing, while Sparky may be her most pop-orientated work to date, it still kicks with a lyrical ferocity and instrumental flair. Her debut EP How To Move is due in March of 2021, the tracks from which were developed in the actual vintage synth cave of the Psychedelic Furs. Watch the video for Sparky here. Find Nuha Ruby Ra on Spotify here.

Words by Karl Johnson